Secure Hosting

Large VMs Now Available Worldwide

Via AMP self-service, secure Hosting customers can now provision “Large VMs” Fixed Instances (greater than either 16 CPU or 96 GB memory) into any data center location. This includes net-new machines from the AMP Marketplace or scaling up existing VMs. Prior to this change, Large VMs were limited to North American data centers and required an extended approval process. Now, customers can quickly acquire these machines without friction.

Disaster Recovery for Large VMs

In conjunction with the Large VM expansion, such machines within North American data centers are eligible to participate in Zerto Disaster Recovery. 

R1Soft Backup & Recovery Server 6

The latest version of Secure Hosting’s standalone backup & recovery offering is now available in the AMP Marketplace, replacing the previous version which will no longer be sold. Current customers running R1Soft 5 appliances (based on CentOS 6) are experiencing compliance impacts due to both outdated software and operating system. The new appliance, which Armor Support will upgrade for no additional charge, will put customers into an improved compliance state.