Topics Discussed

3.0 Launch Bug Fixes

After Agent 3.0 GA Launch on 6/2, several bugs were addressed for New Install / Upgrade Issues reported to Armor Support:

  • Resolved winlogbeat Powershell script not digitally signing itself and hindering Installations?

  • Resolved AMP/IMC New User Option being hidden when No Users Exist on an Account?

  • Resolved AWS Lambda incorrectly storing Cloudwatch logs?

  • Resolved Hostname not being updated correctly in AMP/IMC if customer changes a server name after Agent 3.0 Installation?

  • Resolved Trend CLI Commands Issue for VMs upon Upgrade from Agent 2.6 to 3.0?

  • Resolved Panopta Uninstall script issue

Armor Marketplace

Windows Server 2019 is now available within ASH Marketplace

Customer-facing billing improvements

The following bugs have been fixed:

  1. The value of an assigned IP address was not displaying on the customer invoices.

  2. In addition, if there were negative tax line items, these were failing to display on invoices. This complicated reconciling the invoice line items with the printed total.

Addressing the above helps customer users better-understand the content on their monthly invoices.

Reenabled firewall self-service maintenance for new tenants

Users on newly-created Armor Secure Hosting accounts were unable to make changes to their firewall rules without Armor support intervention. This bug has now been fixed.

Fileset Protection snapshot history display improvements

While Fileset Protection backups were still occurring, some users of Armor Secure Hosting’s Advanced Backup solution were unable to see proof reflected within the portal. This bug has now been fixed.

Agent 3.0 General Availability

Several Features added to enhance the User Experience for New Armor Customers on Agent 3.0 and Current Customers Upgrading to Agent 3.0.

Agent 3.0 Features for GA include:

  • AMP Users will see enhanced UI Screens for Agent 3.0 (such as Scheduler) and New Account Creation.
  • Firewall Rules - Supervisor Upgrade will check Firewall Rule compatibility is met prior to performing Upgrade.
  • AMP Users can execute their Agent 3.0 Upgrade from Supervisor.
  • Agent 3.0 is now enabled to support Debian 9.
  • Panopta – CLI Script for installing the latest version of Panopta.
  • Error Handling – Logging Error Messages will appear on Logging Features due to version incompatibility?.
  • Vulnerability Scanning Uninstall / Install Script – CLI Script Available for Rapid 7 Uninstall and Qualys Install at Upgrade Time?.