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 Ticketing Experience for Partner Customers

To ensure that Partner Customers are seeking support from the right provider (their parent Partner vs. Armor directly), ticketing-related functions will be restricted if the Partner Customer’s account is missing certain Ticketing-related permissions.

For example, certain AMP screens (Support, Security Incidents) will be hidden from users missing “Read Ticket(s)” permission. Users with zero ticketing permissions will be unable to access the Armor Ticketing System (ATS).


Agent Technology - New Features:

  • New Feature:  Created a Trend Diagnostic Command in Toolbox -- Runs a Trend diagnostics package and sends up the file to an Armor S3 bucket through a Lambda (Customer no longer has to open up a firewall to S3).?

Agent Technology - Agent Release w/Improvements:

  • Enabled graceful exit of Agent on reboot of Windows Machine?

  • Provided "Are you sure?" Dialogue to prevent an unintentional command uninstalling all Sub-Agents after a full Agent Registration ?

  • Enabled forced overwrite of Armor install directory to resolve "dir already exists" error on script re-runs?