64-Bit SSL VPN Client for macOS

A new 64-bit SSL VPN client is now available for macOS users, which permits connecting to Armor Complete VPCs from machines also running macOS Catalina.  The 64-bit client is backwards-compatible with older macOS versions such as Mojave and High Sierra.  

This updated client is available for download in the Armor Management Portal (AMP), under the SSL VPN screen.  If you are upgrading from an existing SSL VPN client install, be sure to first follow the uninstall instructions within the Install SSL VPN for macOS documentation.

On that same screen, we have improved how the Username displays within SSL VPN's Account Activity tab.  Previously, you might sometimes see an email address displayed instead of the First + Last Name.  This has been fixed, so you should always see the user’s display name when the email address used to connect is valid.

Account Management

Auto-Accepting Invites for Sub-Accounts

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the Sub-Accounts screen, if you are adding a new sub-account and defining an existing user as its initial administrator, a flag can be enabled to permit that user to bypass the current invite workflow.  Doing so allows the user immediate access to the new sub-account without needing to explicitly accept an emailed invite.  Using this flag is optional, in the event you want to force users to follow the previous workflow. 

Bug Fixes 


In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), on the Firewall screen, Armor Complete customers with large firewall rule sets should experience several performance improvements, including:

  • Initial screen loads are quicker.

  • User-interface lags have been reduced when displaying tool tips, viewing/editing notes, or scrolling through larger pages.

  • Switching between pages is more responsive.