Advanced Backup Fileset Configuration

Rubrik blacklists certain file paths when configuring UnixLike filesets. This causes backups to fail without the user being aware. The UI and API have both been updated to validate the user’s input before saving a possibly-invalid configuration.

 Intrusion Detection

Host Intrusion Detection (HIDS) on Armor Complete

In support of its mission to deliver industry-leading services and product offerings, Armor is replacing its the existing Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) service included in the Armor Complete product offering with a new Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS) service. Doing so allows Armor to gain additional insight into the traffic both entering and moving through your environment as the packets are decrypted at the host-level.

In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), you can view all HIDS events on the Intrusion Detection page including the VM name, Source and Destination IP, etc. for each event.