AMP 2.100.0

For Armor Secure Hosting customers, the Pulse Secure VTM offering within the AMP Marketplace will be refreshed to the latest LTS version 20.1. In turn, the existing 17.2 LTS offering will be retired (as it is no longer vendor-supported)

Within AMP was an in-portal alert concept which was deprecated, as it did not actually work. This deprecation includes removing the “bell” icon from the AMP header and alert-specific sliders from an individual User’s Notification Preferences tab

Users reported issues with the system accepting their attempts to configure which VPCs were accessible by SSL VPN users. This is now fixed.


2021S01 Microservices

CSPM - CSV Export: Added Remediation URL Column & Resources URL Column to CSV Export Columns

2021S02 Microservices

CSPM Improvement Features - Additional data on CSV export and new Resources View:

  • Report CSV Export

    • Added Columns for Resource Type, Resource Link and Recommendations Link

  • Resources View (display Resources from ChaosSearch in a separate tab for improved CX)

    • Resources tab next to Connectors

    • Resources are Searchable on Resource Landing Page by

      • Cloud Account ID

      • Cloud Resource Type

    • Resource drill down View leads to controls evaluated

    • Resources View displays overall pass/fail by instance type and pass/fail similar to report detail on each instance

    • Clicking on Resources in resource View would show all controls in a sliding right pane

    • Clicking on each Control will show recommendations in another overlapping sliding right pane

  • Note: Please also see the updated documentation for CSPM on for more details with screen shots