Topics Discussed

Security Dashboard, Protection, Detection, Response, Log Collector, Invoices

Security Dashboard UPDATE

The Security Dashboard has been updated to include new widgets to describe the overall health status of your virtual machine. Scores from a variety of resources are gathered and calculated to help you understand the overall status of your virtual machine. The Security Dashboard will be known as the Health Overview screen.  

Health Overview (top screen)

Health Overview (bottom screen)

To learn more, see Health Overview Dashboard or ANYWHERE Health Overview Dashboard.

Protection NEW

To enhance the updated Security Dashboard screen, the newly created Protection screen displays information regarding the stability of the Armor agent and the corresponding subagents. This information can be used to ensure that all agents are working properly.

Protection screen

To learn more, see Protection Dashboard or ANYWHERE Protection Dashboard.

Detection NEW

To enhance the updated Security Dashboard screen, the newly created Detection screen displays information regarding the incoming activity of Armor services. You can use this information to determine if Armor is receiving the necessary data to perform useful security checks for your environment.  

Detection screen

To learn more, see Detection Dashboard or ANYWHERE Detection Dashboard.

Response NEW

To enhance the updated Security Dashboard screen, the newly created Response screen displays information regarding the response time to security-focused support tickets (Security Incidents) between you and Armor. 

Response screen

To learn more, see Response Dashboard or ANYWHERE Response Dashboard.

Log Collector NEW

This topic only applies to Armor Anywhere users.

You can use the newly created Log Collector feature and screen to configure your instances to forward logs to the Armor Mangement Portal (AMP).

Within AMP, Armor will securely store, review and analyze supported log types.

Log Collection Service

To learn more, see NOT PUBLISHED: Convert a virtual machine into a log collecting device through Log Relay (Armor Complete).

Invoices UPDATE

This topic only applies to Armor Complete users. 

The layout of an invoice has been updated to clearly display the following information:

  • The friendly name and ID of a virtual machine
  • The IP address associated with a virtual machine
  • The username associated with an SSL VPN download
  • The cost by virtual machine
  • The cost by workload

Updated invoice layout

The updated layout also appears when you export an invoice.

To learn more, see Invoices and Payments.