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This API call applies to both Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere users.

The Get Notification Alerts API retrieves notification alerts for an account. 

Notification alerts are generated when certain actions take place, such as updates to a ticket.

Your account must be configured to receive notification alerts in order to use this API. Additionally, this API only retrieves unread alerts. 

You can use this API to find the alertID (id). You will need this ID for other notification-related APIs. 

Sample request



The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type

The following table describes the parameter (or parameters) for this API call:

ParameterDescriptionFormatRequired or optionalExample
pageNumber of pages requestedIntegerRequired1
limitNumber of records in pageIntegerRequired25

To use multiple, optional parameters in one request, you must use the ampersand symbol ( & ) to connect each parameter together.

Sample return

  "Name":"Virtual machine 'sp Windows...",
  "CreatedDate":"2015-12-29 01:00:03.353",
  "Description":"Virtual machine...",
 "Message": "The request is invalid."