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This API call applies to both Armor Complete and Armor Anywhere users.

The Get Log Entries API retrieves a list of entries for a virtual machine. 

You can use the Get Packages Status API to find the Instance ID (coreInstanceId).

Sample request



The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type



The following table describes the parameter (or parameters) for this API call:

ParameterDescriptionFormatRequired or optionalExample
CoreInstanceIDGUID for agent instance idString (GUID)Requiredeeb7823e-8e23-462e-a39a-0648ad4c639e
searchTextText to search for in OS logsStringOptional
filterEventTypeFilter by Linux or Windows OS logsStringOptional
filterSizeFilter by log size greater than value in bytesIntegerOptional
sortFieldField to sort byStringOptionallogTimeStamp
sortDirection0=Ascending, 1=DescendingIntegerOptional1
pageSizeNumber of log entries per pageIntegerOptional10
pageIndexPage index to return log entries fromIntegerOptional1

To use multiple, optional parameters in one request, you must use the ampersand symbol ( & ) to connect each parameter together.

Sample return

   "total": 15418,
   "vmLogList": [
           "eventType": "wineventlog",
           "logTimeStamp": "2015-11-23T00:13:02Z",
           "size": 5624,
           "message": "<<raw log message>>"
CoreInstanceId not found for account