Platform and Services 

Sub-Account Creation Improvements

As sub-accounts are added (via UI or API), the account list cache within AMP is updated to include the new accounts. Prior to this change, partners adding sub-accounts had to log out and back into AMP to begin work within the new sub-accounts. Now within the portal, they can access the new account after manually refreshing their account list.

Security Incident Connectors

  • Updated incidents with security connector receipts
  • Updated incidents page to show receipts

Customers have the ability to validate that the security connector was processed for any given offense on the incidents page. 


2021S04 Microservices

Agent Technology - Host Security API Update:

  • Host-Security-API calls will be Asynchronous in the Agent if Customers pass an argument to activate their Trend Policies and not get immediate feedback:

    • Status can be verified in AMP/IMC at CLI Level

    • The Host Security API Call will be Synchronous unless a Flag is Passed. i.e.:

      • For Any Trend Related Scripts NOT Using a Flag - Expected Result: API Call is Synchronous

      • For Any Trend Related Scripts Using a Flag - Expected Result: API Call is Asynchronous