AMP 2.98

Armor Secure Hosting (ASH) screens which contained Phoenix data center references will now reflect the Chicago data center.

AMP 2.99

Remove Locked Tags Upon Agent Uninstall.

Locked tags soft deleted at Agent uninstall so that if User runs into an instance in which their biosuuid is the same when they re-register, User can add new tags for that instance:

  • When the agent uninstall command is sent to the uninstall endpoint, tags will be soft deleted

    • From the agent

    • From AMP

For Partners: within the Armor Management Portal (AMP), your account list will refresh to reflect sub-accounts as you add them. This will permit you to immediately access the new sub-accounts without needing to log out / back into the system. This access refresh is generally automatic, but you can manually trigger a refresh by clicking the “Refresh” link within the account selection dropdown.

The recent switch to ChaosSearch has broken the SSL VPN Activity tab within AMP. While changes are being done to restore functionality, temporary on-screen instructions have been added so users can access the data directly within ChaosSearch for now.

AMP 2.99.3

The R1Soft Backup and Recovery Server offering has been updated to take advantage of the latest software and OS versions. Existing R1Soft appliances will soon be upgraded to match.

The Armor Management Portal (AMP) now permits self-service scaling of virtual machine resources for VMs which continue to run deprecated operating systems (such as CentOS & RHEL 6). Armor still requests that customers in such states upgrade their applications to run on supported operating systems.

Microservices 2020S25

Implemented Close_Timeout in Linux Filebeat configs: Armor Anywhere customers now, when logs are rotated and removed, the filehandle will close so that the Customer does not accrue disk space.