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You can use this document to add a new collocation device with Armor. 

Add a new collocation device

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), open a support ticket and request to receive the New Collocation Request form. 

    • In order to receive the correct form, in the ticket, indicate your data center. 
    • To learn how to send a support ticket, see Support Tickets.
  2. Attach the completed form to the ticket. 

  3. Armor will respond with relevant details. In your response, add the following information:
    • Approval for quote charges
    • LOA for new circuit
      • You must list Armor Defense as the data center contact.
    • Tracking numbers for all equipment
    • Return shipping information (in case a box needs to be returned to customers). Armor does not store shipping equipment.
  4. Armor will update the ticket once all the equipment has been installed. 
  5. Armor will schedule a call to test and troubleshoot the connectivity. 
  6. Armor will schedule another call to ensure the work is complete.