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The Create Tier API creates a new tier on an existing workload. You can user tiers to group and organize servers within a workload. 

You can use the Get Workloads API to find the workload ID (id). 

Sample request


 "name": "New Tier 3"


The following table describes the different parts of this API call: 

API Call / URLMethod / Type
/apps/{appId}/tiers POST

The following table describes the parameter (or parameters) for this API call:

ParameterDescriptionRequired or optionalTypeExample
appIdThe ID of the workload that you want to add a tier toRequiredInteger1
tierDtoThe name of the new tierRequiredObjectNew Tier 3

Sample return

 "id": 1,
 "name": "string",
 "location": null,
 "zone": null,
 "status": 8,
 "deployed": false,
 "tierCount": 4,
 "vmCount": 13,
 "totalCpu": 1,
 "totalMemory": 2048,
 "totalStorage": 30720,
 "tiers": [
     "id": 5,
     "name": "New Tier 1",
     "vms": []
     "id": 6,
     "name": "New Tier 2",
     "vms": []
     "id": 7,
     "name": "New Tier 3",
     "vms": []
 "notes": null,
 "health": 0,
 "tags": []


The following table describes the expected results for specific outputs that may not be clear enough within the sample output.

ReturnTypeDescriptionPossible valuesExample
statusIntegerThe state of the objectA range of numbers from -1 to 19 (See Note below for possible values)

 The following table lists the possible return values for Status:

Numeric valueString valueDescription
-1FAILED_CREATIONThe object could not be created
0UNRESOLVEDThe object is unresolved
1RESOLVEDThe object is resolved
2DEPLOYEDThe object is deployed
3SUSPENDEDThe object is suspended
4POWERED_ONThe object is powered on
5WAITING_FOR_INPUTThe object is waiting for user input
6UNKNOWNThe object is in an unknown state
7UNRECOGNIZEDThe object is in an unrecognized state
8POWERED_OFFThe object is powered off.
9INCONSISTENT_STATEThe object is in an inconsistent state
10MIXEDChildren do not all have the same status
11DESCRIPTION_PENDINGUpload initiated, OVF descriptor pending
12COPYING_CONTENTSUpload initiated, copying contents
13DISK_CONTENTS_PENDINGUpload initiated, disk contents pending
14QUARANTINEDUpload has been quarantined
15QUARANTINE_EXPIREDUpload quarantine period has expired
16REJECTEDUpload has been rejected
17TRANSFER_TIMEOUTUpload transfer session timed out
18VAPP_UNDEPLOYEDThe vApp is resolved and undeployed
19VAPP_PARTIALLY_DEPLOYEDThe vApp is resolved and partially deployed.
100CHANGES_PENDINGThe request has been received, but not completed. 
101COMPLETEThe action has been completed. 
102BUSYThe server is busy and cannot complete the action. Try again. 
103TEMPLATE_PENDINGThe virtual machine template is currently being generated.