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In order to use this document, you must have the Write LogManagement permission assigned to your account.

You can use the Log Relay add-on product to securely store file-based application logs with Armor for 30 days or 13 months, based on your log retention plan. 

Log Relay

  • Collects only single-line log formats.
  • Does not provide security analysis, parsing, or awareness of log content. 
  • Can store up to 10,000 logs

At a high-level, to use Log Relay, you must: 

  • Order Host Log Collector
  • Send logs to Armor

In some cases, the terms Log Depot, Host Log Collector, or Log Relay may be used interchangeably.

For pricing information, please contact your account manager.

Order Log Relay for Host Log Collection

Step 1: Add Log Relay

Use the Post Host Log Collector (Activate) API to add Host Log Collector to your account. 

Method / TypePOST
API call / URL/log-management/log-depot/activate
ParametersThere are no parameters for this API call.
Full API call / URL
Sample 200 return
  "accountId": 0,
  "modifiedByUserId": 0,
  "modifiedDate": "2017-10-23T16:35:13.540Z",
  "isEnabled": true
To learn more about this API call, see Post Host Log Collector (Activate)

Step 2: Send Logs to Armor

  1. Contact Armor Support to add a custom file path via a host log collector.

Review Additional Agent-Related Commands

Review the following table to better understand how to interact with the agent via the command line: 

armor -hDisplays the agent's help dialog
armor policy -hDisplays the agent's policy help dialog
armor policy filelog -hDisplays the agent's policy filelog help dialog
armor policy filelog add -hDisplays the agent's policy filelog add help dialog
armor policy filelog --add [path]Adds a filebeat logging policy with the user-defined path, category, and tag(s).
armor policy add eventlog [name]Adds a (Windows) eventlog logging policy with the user-defined path, category, and tag(s).
armor policy showDisplays command functionality and syntax available at the command line. "show" can be added to any level of command to help drive user input
armor policy syncSynchronizes the local Armor CORE Agent with API services to pull down the latest policy version


If you do not see any data in the Search section of the Log & Data Management screen, consider that

  • You did not order Log Relay. 
  • You did not properly sync Log Relay to collect logs. 
  • The selected date range does not contain any data.
  • You do not have permission to view log data.
    • You must have the Write LogManagement permission enabled to access the Search section. Contact your account administrator to enable this permission. To learn how to update you permissions, see Roles and Permissions

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