AMP 2.116.0

Added missing large VM SKUs in Marketplace, providing additional product offerings for purchasing large VMs and scaling existing VMs to a larger size.

Disabled Automatic Guest Customization and SID on Resize, providing the ability to edit VMs after initial deployment without automatically selecting the reset of all SIDs.

Added missing Disaster Recovery SKU mappings for all applicable Windows 2019 SKUs, providing coverage for all supported Windows 2019 VMs to be available for Disaster Recovery enrollment.


Fixed a bug where reports created simultaneously were given incorrect report IDs. 

Report configuration Id is available when creating reports, viewing report detail and viewing all reports to enable users to effectively delete & rerun reports.

Log Search


  • Optimization search/query performance

  • Kibana upgrade from 7.4.2 to 7.10

    • Kibana 7.10 query consolidation to improve load times


In AMP, we've renamed Asset List to Assets so that the navigation label “Assets” is consistent with all of our other products/services that are “lists” such as Workloads, Virtual Machines, Templates etc.