AMP 2.92.0

  • The following improvements were made to the Advanced Backup service:
    • The Rubrik Agent was updated to the latest version. Customers are advised to always use the latest version, which incorporates the most-recent vendor fixes. For more information about the Rubrik Agent, please visit the Advanced Backup topic at
    • We have fixed an issue which caused occasional database deadlocks. While this did not affect actual backups, this issue prevented the most-recent snapshot metrics from being available within the Armor Management Portal (AMP).
  • The Primary Billing User can once again be set to an account user that was previously removed and re-added to the account.
  • Removed 2 Hour Health Pending State: Updated any SPs and Services that set the health rule pending for two hours and removed limitation. Rules now display unhealthy until the rule is run.
  • On-Demand Health check for Trend available in AMP/IMC
  • Armor Customers viewing the CoreInstance Vulnerability Scanning details with missing key information will now display without the need to refresh so it is not confusing and create unnecessary tickets. This will improve the user experience.
  • Going to a vulnerability report list with failed status, disables the Generate new report button. Button has been disabled on in Progress status.
  • Armor Customers would like their detection score to reflect correctly. Current logic depends on Rapid7 and the logic is flawed for Qualys users.

    • We fixed sp: usp_CalculateDetectionScore

  • Armor customers need to know when a VM is deleted and who performed this action. This will give visibility on these activities. Added functionality to bubble up these actions in Account Activity.
  • Fixed this bug: Scan Import Date shows today's date even if Report not generated

AMP 2.91.1

  • API changes in support of Rackspace needs. 

AMP 2.91.0

  • Pricing is also hidden for Armor Secure Hosting (ASH) Partner Customers (PC). This was already being done for Armor Anywhere PCs, so this behavior is now consistent across all product lines.

AMP 2.90.2

  • Improvements to the OverallHealth API were made to correct failures that had been occurring for some customers.
  • The rule for Qualys Health Evaluation metric now references Last Check-in instead of the last imported scan report.

AMP 2.90.0

  • SSL VPN Account Activity was previously displaying duplicate records, which interfered with understanding the true login / logout activity. This display has now been corrected
  • Within the Account > Users page, the "Last Logon" and "Modified" were stuck for some viewers, giving the false impression that such records hadn't been updated more-recently than the displayed times. This timestamp display is now accurate and reflects true values which had been captured all along.
  • (Beta) Move SubAgentDetailsMapping into its own repository. The SubAgentDetailsMapping api endpoint lives in agent-details repository and needs to be moved into it's own repo.
  • (Beta) Improve code logic for Log and Data Management Usage. Fixed Mismatching of SKU with Armor Agent logs and Data Management Logs, Addied Known Index to the Template for Armor agent Logs and tags as (oslogs, windows, linux), and Fixing Discrepancy with 13 Months Usage = Armor Agent Logs + Data and Management Logs(Security Logs).
  • (Beta) Windows-10 Sub-Agents error running powershell commands.

Logging Upgrades

  • Armor will be upgrading logging sub-agents across all instances to provide additional features and functionality.