After you complete the Sales process, you will receive an email to access the Armor Management Portal (AMP) for the first time. 



Use the security dashboards to review and troubleshoot data for your virtual machine.

Armor Services

Review critical support tickets, known as Security Incidents.

Log Management
Learn how to view your log statusessearch for collected logs, obtain log relay, and configure your account for remote log collection. Also find documentation on how to review / upgrade your log retention plan, or how to create a remote log source based on your specific log type.

Dynamic Threat Blocking
Research the reputation of specific IP addresses, or create a rule to allow or block an IP address.

Malware Protection
Learn how malware data affects the security status of your instance. View malware events and detailed Malware Protection data.

File Integrity Monitoring
Learn how FIM data affects the security status of your instance.

Intrusion Detection
View data from the host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS). 

Vulnerability Scanning
View a vulnerability scanning report, or view a parsed version of the weekly vulnerability scanning report.



Create, configure, and maintain your workloads and tiers.

Virtual Machines
Create, configure, and maintain your virtual machine.

Advanced Backup
Configure your snapshot and retention policy for recovery purposes.


IP Address
Add or manage your IP addresses.

Create and manage your L2L VPN tunnels.

Enable SSL VPN access for you and for your users.

CIS Benchmarks

Review the CIS Benchmarks™ that have been adopted by Armor