Secure Hosting

New Primary Contact Types

We added the concept of Primary Account and Technical Contacts, which ensures that at least one user per account is tied to one of these notification types. Before this change, we only had the concept of a Primary Billing Contact.

In addition, we have assigned both new types to the most-recently logged-in active user in the Admin role. This ensures that all accounts now have at least one user assigned to each notification type going forward. Future product-related communications will go to the most-relevant recipient based on their notification type.

vSphere 6.7 Upgrade

All data centers have been upgraded to the latest vSphere version. Running the latest virtualization software ensures the Armor organization remains compliant (by remaining supported by our vendors).

Debian 10 Certification

We have certified the latest release of Debian (i.e. Debian 10) and have available for customers to leverage and maintain the Armor services on Debian OS environments. Running the latest version of Debian will support customers who want to maintain their future upgrade paths, and will enable Armor to provide our services to new customers who have deployed a Debian OS infrastructure.