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To fully use this screen, you must add the following permission to your account:

  • View Vulnerability Scans

You can use the Vulnerability Scanning screen to view scan reports. One report will reflect all of your virtual machines or servers; in these reports, your virtual machines are displayed using their Armor-assigned instance ID.

Scans take place continuously; however, the process to compile a week's worth of data into a single report begins every Sunday at approximately 10:00 PM, Central Standard Time. When a report is complete, it will be available in the Vulnerability Scanning screen. Based on your data center's location and your environment, your report's availability in AMP may vary.  

Vulnerability Scans

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security
  2. Click Vulnerability Scanning
Report NameThis column displays the name of the vulnerability scan report.
Import TimeThis column displays the date and time that the report was imported.
Import StatusThis column displays the status of the scan report.

This column displays the number of vulnerabilities within the report, grouped by severity.

There are four severity types, based on the vulnerability's CVSS:

  • Critical vulnerabilities receive a score of 10.
  • High vulnerabilities receive a score of 7-10.
  • Medium vulnerabilities receive a score of 4-7.
  • Low vulnerabilities receive a score of 0-4.

    There is an additional severity type called Info. Although Info is listed as a severity type, in reality, Info simply displays activity information for corresponding plugins from third-party vendors. 

View a Report

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security
  2. Click Vulnerability Scanning
  3. Locate and select the desired scan. 


If you do not see any data in the Vulnerability Scanning screen, consider that:

If a virtual machine is incorrectly labeled as offline in a report, then contact Armor Support to run the Armor Toolbox. 

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