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You can use these instructions to review the logging status of your virtual machines. Specifically, you can verify if your virtual machine is sending logs to Armor.

  1. In the Armor Management Portal (AMP), in the left-side navigation, click Security
  2. Click Log & Data Management.
  3. Click Agent Sources.

This column displays the name of the virtual machine or instance that contains the Armor agent. 

You can click a specific virtual machine to access the Virtual Machines screen.

TypeThis column displays if the virtual machine or instance has been converted to a log collecting device, also known as Log Relay
Last Log ReceivedThis column displays the date and time when Armor last received a log.
Retention Type

This column displays the length of time that Armor keeps logs.

By default, the Armor Management Portal (AMP) retains log status and details for the previous 30 days. To review logs older than 30 days for a specified instance, see Review log retention plans.
Average SizeThis column displays the average size of the collected logs.
Log Status

This column displays the status of the logging subagent.

  • Online indicates the agent has sent logs within the past hour.
  • Warning indicates the agent in the past 24 hours has sent logs that exceeds the 7-day moving average by 10% or more.
  • Critical indicates the agent has not sent logs within the past hour.
  • Offline indicates the agent (or the instance) is offline.